How To Increase Response Rates With Direct Mail

The main challenge of every door direct mail is that the recipient of your mail is often standing over the garbage bin ready to toss your mail into the garbage reflexively. To prevent this from happening, you must be ready to grab the recipient's attention with the fewest words possible. Carefully Design the Envelope The first thing the recipient sees is the envelope. If he or she interprets the mail to be junk mail, it's even more likely that your mail will be thrown in the garbage. [Read More]

Need To Purchase A New Copier? 3 Things To Consider So You Can Purchase The Right One

If you need to purchase a new copier for your business, every copier has different features, and this can make it difficult to make a choice of what would work best for your company. To help you, below are three things you need to consider when choosing a copier. Printing Volume Before you buy a copier, consider how much printing you will do on it. For example, if you often print large volumes, but you purchase a copier that cannot handle large volumes, you will have constant problems with the copier. [Read More]

Making Really Colorful Labels: Extra Supplies You Will Need And Why

When you make labels with your printer at home, you will need sheets of labels in the correct size, and a good ink supply in your printer. If you are going to make very colorful, professional-looking labels like those made by printing services, you are going to need much more than ink, a printer, and labels. This is especially true if you need to make hundreds or thousands of very colorful labels. [Read More]

Are You Planning The Announcements Of Your Baby's Birth?

Have you decided to finally tell your friends and family members that you and your spouse are expecting a baby? For whatever reason you decided to wait for awhile before sharing your exciting news, now is the time to broadcast it! From putting out the word to sending an actual baby announcement, here are some ideas that might help you make this news as special as it should be. The Word Is Out! [Read More]