5 Ways To Create High Quality Monster-Themed Party Printables

When a child’s birthday lands near Halloween, it’s only natural to mix the two festivities together. If you’ve chosen a monster theme for the party, then there are awesome ways to mix in Dracula, the Wolf Man, and many others to a full party design. When using professional printing services, you can create a great party theme that encompasses the monsters and really captures the same vibe through the whole event. As you plan printable designs for the party, there are five different ways you can create the graphics and then get them professionally printed.

Use the following idea as directly stated or use them to help brainstorm additional ideas of your own.

Monster Inspired Fonts

Before planning any actual designs, it’s a good idea to download some free monster fonts. These fonts encompass the monster theme and can really make any party decoration stand out. They are ideal for large birthday banners or smaller table signs.

  • Monsterama: This font features a great dripping blood design that’s reminiscent of classic monster films. The font is thick and easy to read, making it ideal for small signs at the party.
  • Hairy Monster: Capture the spirit of the Wolf Man with a font that is covered in hair. The texture and form of the font also resembles other monster creatures like abominable snowman.
  • Nemo Nightmares: Based off “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” this font features a lot of curls and a nice German expressionism style to it.

Monster Stations

Using print outs at a party is a great way to stay organized while keeping with the theme. Printing companies have the ability to print out glossy and high quality banners that can help label different stations of the party. When creating these banners, the first step is coming up with creative games. For example, the table for presents can be labeled as the “Ghoulish Gift Corner.” The drink table can be labeled as “Dracula’s Blood Bank.” Work monsters creatively into each station name.

The high quality printing can also help you add even more to the banners. This includes backgrounds. Graveyards, woods, and creepy castles are just a few of the backgrounds that you can put text over. With borderless edge printing, the backgrounds will look great and seamless when they are hung.

Drink Labels

Printing companies can print on more than just high-quality paper. The ability to print sticker labels opens up a lot of different drink label opportunities. Instead of just having the drink brand, a festive label can cover them up and incorporate the theme of the party. As you design the labels, there are a number of different ideas to consider.

For example, soda cans can have a label like “Frankenstein’s Fizzy Gulp.” Bottles of water can have a label like “Bigfoot’s Drool.” Juice bottles can have a variety of labels like “Monster Potion,” “Dracula’s Blood” or “Mummy’s Magic Elixir.”

Cupcake Signs

With a small toothpick and a printed square, you can add nice design elements to any type of cupcake platter you display for the party. For the cupcake designs, you can keep the printouts simple with different patterns or symbols that represent monsters. Examples include bats, monster footprints, ghost shapes, skulls, vampire teeth, a witch’s broom, and spiders. Place symbols over a solid color background like black or orange to add a little pop of color to the cupcake signs.

Table Decor

Complete the party design process with a variety of table decorations. Printing out your own custom decorations allows you to individually label each table with a different monster theme. One of the easiest designs to make and get printed is a table tent. These printouts can fold up and become a nice centerpiece on the table. For the designs, you should place an iconic monster image on one side of the tent and the name of the monster on the back. Use the monster fonts to make the title of the monster fit the theme.

Once all of your printed supplies are ready, it will be easy to set up the party and have a monsterrific time! You can click here for more info about printing services.

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5 Ways To Create Jurassic-Sized Dinosaur Party Posters

One of the more popular birthday themes are dinosaurs. Young children are often memorized by the giant monsters and want to celebrate their birthday with a prehistoric theme. Party posters and banners are often a great centerpiece for the party. When creating a poster on your own, you can add custom designs and then have them printed professionally before the party. Use the following five tips to ensure that printing is high quality and features a number of different dinosaur themes.

Dinosaur Fonts

Writing out messages like “Happy Birthday” or “Celebrate” can be made even more special by using a dinosaur-themed font. A number of free font downloads are available. With these downloads you can create detailed posters for the birthday party.

  • Jurassic Park Font: Based off the hit movie, this font has an instant dinosaur feel to it as you create letters. The font is layered, allowing you to manipulate it into multiple colors that will fit the party theme.
  • Dinosaur: With each letter made to look like a fossil, the Dinosaur font is great for typing out species names or smaller details on the poster.
  • Dinosaurs: This image-based font features a number of different dinosaur designs. This font is ideal for placing dinosaur images next to the text that you are creating for the poster. There are more than 20 different dinosaur designs to choose from.

Text Adjustments

To make the dinosaur fonts stand out, there are a number of text adjustments you can make. Each adjustment will increase the visibility and really help the text pop when the poster is viewed from multiple directions.

  • Small Caps: By setting the text to small caps, each letter will appear capitalized and make it easy to read.
  • Drop Shadows: Text will pop out of a jungle background by applying a drop shadow. If you are using black text, then select a white drop shadow for the best effect. For any other color, a black drop shadow will work to help the text stand out.
  • Outer Strokes: Applying an outer stroke to a font adds a border. This can help each letter stand out on its own and make it easier to read. This is especially true if you’re using darker color themes and designs on the poster.

Dinosaur Brushes

A number of graphic programs allow the use of brush tools to make designs. When importing brushes, they can be used to instantly create a number of designs like dinosaurs and scenery like volcanoes.

  • Mixed Dinosaur Brushes: This free brush set includes a mix of dinosaurs, including a wide range of flying dinosaurs known as pterosaurs.
  • Child Dinosaur Brushes: The brush set includes child-friendly dinosaurs with a cartoon look on a majority of them.
  • Fossil Brushes: Highly detailed brushes in this set include a variety of dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus.

Child Images

Adding your child to the birthday poster can make it even more personal. It can also become a great keepsake that you or your child saves for many years to come. Instead of just adding a basic photo to the poster, there are ways to help relate it to the dinosaurs.

A variety of free apps can transform your child’s face into a neanderthal look. The child will look like a cave man that lived among the dinosaurs. This is also a great surprise that you can give your child as an extra gift. If there is room on the poster, the whole family can be transformed into the same look.

Print Size

When you are exporting your file for use in a professional printing shop, there is one way to get the best possible quality. The DPI setting of your file will make a huge difference on the final print. In your graphic software, you should change the DPI setting to at least 300 for high quality prints. Going even higher to 600 DPI will help you get the most detailed prints possible.

Look over your poster multiple times before sending it in to the final print. This can help you avoid any mistakes or spelling errors.


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3 Tips To Making Money Selling Homemade Foods At Flea Markets

If you want to make some extra money by selling homemade goodies at a flea market this summer, then that is a great idea. Flea markets are booming in the warm summer months, and if you sell a good product at a good price, then you can have fun while making extra income by working just a few hours a day every weekend. Follow these tips for getting started, and you can then look forward to a prosperous summer. 

1. Make Sure Your Product Is Allowed To Be Sold At The Market

Every flea market has differing rules when it comes to edible items they allow you to sell. Some flea markets have concession stands that sell certain foods already, and they don’t want vendors that compete with concession sales. You also need to look into your state’s laws regarding homemade foods, called “cottage laws”. Some states require you to register with the health department before selling homemade goods, while some are more lax and simply require your foods to meet certain requirements. 

For example, the Cottage Laws in Ohio do not mandate any licensing before you sell specific types of food at flea markets. The state does have strict requirements of what can be sold and how it must be packaged and labeled, though.

Another state, California, also allows specific food items to be sold, but only up to a certain sales threshold of $50,000. You must also register with the Health Department before beginning sales and take a food handler online course within a few months of beginning operation. 

Look up your specific state on the website to see what the requirements are for you before you decide what to sell, and then complete the necessary registration if necessary. 

2. Start Preparing Product Packaging

Before you begin making your homemade goods, be sure to purchase the proper packaging for them. The cottage laws may dictate that they must be stored in air-tight containers, but each state also differs in packaging laws. Every state does have labeling requirements, so you must have proper labels made that contain all of the necessary information that the state requires on them. 

Most labels must have the following:

  • The name of your product. 
  • A disclaimer that the product was produced in a home. 
  • Your business name and address. (This can be your home address.)
  • Ingredient list in descending order. 
  • The weight of the product. 
  • A statement of allergens that are present in the product, such as nuts, dairy and/or wheat. 
  • Your health department registration number. (If your state requires it.)

These are general basics needed on most package labels, but refer to your specific state in the guide to make sure your labels meet requirements. 

Once you have the basic product information on your label, you can then choose a fun, eye-catching graphic that fits the product. For example, if you are selling homemade jam, you can make your jam look more enticing by placing a photo of a big ripe raspberry, strawberry, or blueberry on the label. If you really want to make sure your customers remember you next year, work with a label manufacturer create a unique logo to place on your product labels that they cannot forget. 

3. Purchase Your Table And Items To Create Your Display

Most flea markets require that you bring your own table, so purchase one that meets market requirements and is sturdy, yet lightweight. You will likely have to take it home with you every evening, so you will regret it if you purchase a table that is too heavy. 

Also, remember that you need to create a nice display and not just line your product on the table haphazardly. Purchase display shelves that allow you to not only place your items directly on the table, but also at eye-level, so your items catch eyes as customers are passing. A few eye-catching decorations, like over-sized fruit decor if you are selling fruit jam, can really help bring customers to your table. 

Selling homemade goods at a flea market this summer can help you bring in some extra cash while having fun at the same time. If you love to cook, then you can turn your passion into cash easily. Follow these tips to make sure you prepare properly, and you can then look forward to a smooth-sailing operation at the flea market. 

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