Are You Planning The Announcements Of Your Baby's Birth?

Have you decided to finally tell your friends and family members that you and your spouse are expecting a baby? For whatever reason you decided to wait for awhile before sharing your exciting news, now is the time to broadcast it! From putting out the word to sending an actual baby announcement, here are some ideas that might help you make this news as special as it should be.

The Word Is Out! Have you ever thought of having miniature cards printed that you can hand out to your friends? Think of a business size card that has words like, Our News Is Worth Waiting For: We're Having A Baby! Simply slip the tiny card to the recipient and watch his or her face light up when he or she reads the words on the card. 

After the news has spread, somebody will probably want to give you a baby shower. Don't be surprised if the host asks you where you got your miniature cards printed, as they might want to follow suit for the baby shower invitations. Miniature printing probably makes a statement just because it's unique.

The Baby Has Arrived! If you think it was fun telling people that you were expecting a baby, think of how much more fun it will be telling them that your baby has arrived. Sending printed announcements on little cards can still send a great big message. For example, the words on the baby announcement might say something like Get Ready World! Baby John Has Arrived On Earth!  Or you could use Baby Mary, or whatever name you have chosen for your new little bundle of joy.

Consider having miniature photos printed to enclose with your birth announcement. Or have the baby's picture be part of the design of the announcement. The picture could be on the front, and information like the baby's birth date, birth weight, and parent's names could go inside the card.

Don't stop there. As your baby reaches different milestones, you can continue to send miniature announcements to close friends and family members. For example, when your baby has his or her first birthday, send a picture with his or her first birthday cake that holds just one candle. As the years go by, a picture could be sent out for each birthday. Think of giving people like grandparents or godparents a little frame that will hold each new picture. For more information, talk to a printing company such as Flottman Company.