6 Ways To Make Great Use Of Automated Business Mailing Services

Many organizations use automated business mailing services to reach out to clients, customers, and even other businesses. If you run one of these businesses, it's a good idea to know how to make the most of automated mailing services. You can maximize your use of the process by doing these 6 things.


Generally, shipping a mail product is cheaper if it conforms to one of the standard sizes used by the postal service. Look up the rates sheets for items you wish to send, and then try to find the closest size you can that won't leave the contents cramped. Especially if you're sending packages or large envelopes, standardization toward the postal norms can save you significant costs over many campaigns.


Every item you mail should be strongly branded. Even if you're using brown boxes to ship stuff, adding branding can make a huge difference. People will learn to spot your brand and dig the items out of their mail because they anticipate seeing the brand. Likewise, highly branded materials are harder to lose. If you need to confirm that the customer got their order, for example, a thoroughly branded package or envelope can make all the difference. Recipients will notice the brand and be more likely to confirm they got the mailing.


A major argument for using automated mailing services is to integrate shipped items into campaigns. Charitable organizations, for example, send out materials and gifts when people complete the donation process. If their systems are integrated with automated mailing, they can take the information from mailed-in materials or online forms and put those into the system. The automated mail setup will then flag which items to send each donor and send the package right away. People appreciate this sort of rapid response, and it reinforces desired behaviors.


Particularly if you're using automated mailing services for marketing, it's a good idea to build campaigns. This is especially wise if your business is seasonal. You can develop campaigns for times of the year, maximizing interest when the public cares the most.


Specific actions should automatically trigger mailings. A company might have a rewards program, for example. When the customer meets the threshold for the reward, a highly integrated system will trigger the mailing of a specific package.


Everyone loves to track the progress of packages. Consequently, you should have tracking built into your automated business mailing services system. Tracking numbers should also automatically go directly to recipients' email addresses or cell phones.

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