5 Ways To Create Jurassic-Sized Dinosaur Party Posters

One of the more popular birthday themes are dinosaurs. Young children are often memorized by the giant monsters and want to celebrate their birthday with a prehistoric theme. Party posters and banners are often a great centerpiece for the party. When creating a poster on your own, you can add custom designs and then have them printed professionally before the party. Use the following five tips to ensure that printing is high quality and features a number of different dinosaur themes.

Dinosaur Fonts

Writing out messages like "Happy Birthday" or "Celebrate" can be made even more special by using a dinosaur-themed font. A number of free font downloads are available. With these downloads you can create detailed posters for the birthday party.

  • Jurassic Park Font: Based off the hit movie, this font has an instant dinosaur feel to it as you create letters. The font is layered, allowing you to manipulate it into multiple colors that will fit the party theme.
  • Dinosaur: With each letter made to look like a fossil, the Dinosaur font is great for typing out species names or smaller details on the poster.
  • Dinosaurs: This image-based font features a number of different dinosaur designs. This font is ideal for placing dinosaur images next to the text that you are creating for the poster. There are more than 20 different dinosaur designs to choose from.

Text Adjustments

To make the dinosaur fonts stand out, there are a number of text adjustments you can make. Each adjustment will increase the visibility and really help the text pop when the poster is viewed from multiple directions.

  • Small Caps: By setting the text to small caps, each letter will appear capitalized and make it easy to read.
  • Drop Shadows: Text will pop out of a jungle background by applying a drop shadow. If you are using black text, then select a white drop shadow for the best effect. For any other color, a black drop shadow will work to help the text stand out.
  • Outer Strokes: Applying an outer stroke to a font adds a border. This can help each letter stand out on its own and make it easier to read. This is especially true if you're using darker color themes and designs on the poster.

Dinosaur Brushes

A number of graphic programs allow the use of brush tools to make designs. When importing brushes, they can be used to instantly create a number of designs like dinosaurs and scenery like volcanoes.

  • Mixed Dinosaur Brushes: This free brush set includes a mix of dinosaurs, including a wide range of flying dinosaurs known as pterosaurs.
  • Child Dinosaur Brushes: The brush set includes child-friendly dinosaurs with a cartoon look on a majority of them.
  • Fossil Brushes: Highly detailed brushes in this set include a variety of dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus.

Child Images

Adding your child to the birthday poster can make it even more personal. It can also become a great keepsake that you or your child saves for many years to come. Instead of just adding a basic photo to the poster, there are ways to help relate it to the dinosaurs.

A variety of free apps can transform your child's face into a neanderthal look. The child will look like a cave man that lived among the dinosaurs. This is also a great surprise that you can give your child as an extra gift. If there is room on the poster, the whole family can be transformed into the same look.

Print Size

When you are exporting your file for use in a professional printing shop, there is one way to get the best possible quality. The DPI setting of your file will make a huge difference on the final print. In your graphic software, you should change the DPI setting to at least 300 for high quality prints. Going even higher to 600 DPI will help you get the most detailed prints possible.

Look over your poster multiple times before sending it in to the final print. This can help you avoid any mistakes or spelling errors.