5 Ways To Create High Quality Monster-Themed Party Printables

When a child's birthday lands near Halloween, it's only natural to mix the two festivities together. If you've chosen a monster theme for the party, then there are awesome ways to mix in Dracula, the Wolf Man, and many others to a full party design. When using professional printing services, you can create a great party theme that encompasses the monsters and really captures the same vibe through the whole event. As you plan printable designs for the party, there are five different ways you can create the graphics and then get them professionally printed.

Use the following idea as directly stated or use them to help brainstorm additional ideas of your own.

Monster Inspired Fonts

Before planning any actual designs, it's a good idea to download some free monster fonts. These fonts encompass the monster theme and can really make any party decoration stand out. They are ideal for large birthday banners or smaller table signs.

  • Monsterama: This font features a great dripping blood design that's reminiscent of classic monster films. The font is thick and easy to read, making it ideal for small signs at the party.
  • Hairy Monster: Capture the spirit of the Wolf Man with a font that is covered in hair. The texture and form of the font also resembles other monster creatures like abominable snowman.
  • Nemo Nightmares: Based off "The Nightmare Before Christmas," this font features a lot of curls and a nice German expressionism style to it.

Monster Stations

Using print outs at a party is a great way to stay organized while keeping with the theme. Printing companies have the ability to print out glossy and high quality banners that can help label different stations of the party. When creating these banners, the first step is coming up with creative games. For example, the table for presents can be labeled as the "Ghoulish Gift Corner." The drink table can be labeled as "Dracula's Blood Bank." Work monsters creatively into each station name.

The high quality printing can also help you add even more to the banners. This includes backgrounds. Graveyards, woods, and creepy castles are just a few of the backgrounds that you can put text over. With borderless edge printing, the backgrounds will look great and seamless when they are hung.

Drink Labels

Printing companies can print on more than just high-quality paper. The ability to print sticker labels opens up a lot of different drink label opportunities. Instead of just having the drink brand, a festive label can cover them up and incorporate the theme of the party. As you design the labels, there are a number of different ideas to consider.

For example, soda cans can have a label like "Frankenstein's Fizzy Gulp." Bottles of water can have a label like "Bigfoot's Drool." Juice bottles can have a variety of labels like "Monster Potion," "Dracula's Blood" or "Mummy's Magic Elixir."

Cupcake Signs

With a small toothpick and a printed square, you can add nice design elements to any type of cupcake platter you display for the party. For the cupcake designs, you can keep the printouts simple with different patterns or symbols that represent monsters. Examples include bats, monster footprints, ghost shapes, skulls, vampire teeth, a witch's broom, and spiders. Place symbols over a solid color background like black or orange to add a little pop of color to the cupcake signs.

Table Decor

Complete the party design process with a variety of table decorations. Printing out your own custom decorations allows you to individually label each table with a different monster theme. One of the easiest designs to make and get printed is a table tent. These printouts can fold up and become a nice centerpiece on the table. For the designs, you should place an iconic monster image on one side of the tent and the name of the monster on the back. Use the monster fonts to make the title of the monster fit the theme.

Once all of your printed supplies are ready, it will be easy to set up the party and have a monsterrific time! You can click here for more info about printing services.