Have A Startup Company? Tips For Choosing A Copier

If you have a startup company, there are many things you need to purchase besides your computers and phones. One of these things is a copier. Because you will find a variety of copiers on the market this can make it difficult to make a choice of what would be best for your company. To help, below are four types of copiers you will find.

Monochrome Copier

One type of copier that is available is known as a monochrome copier, which will copy in only black and white text or images. If you only print standard papers, such as reports or other documents, this will work well for you. You will also find monochrome copiers are much less expensive when compared to other types. 

Color Copiers

Color copiers are also available which work similar to a monochrome copier but prints in color. This would be a good option for you if you print a lot of colored papers that you need to copy, such as newsletters, flyers, etc. This can save you a lot of time and money as you would have to take these copies to a copier service to have this done. You will find that color copiers also print black and white documents. 

Network Copiers

Network copiers are also available which are connected to your company's network. This allows you and your employees to remotely copy, fax, scan, etc. This would be a good option for you if you or any of your employees work from home or in other locations. If you do choose this type you and your employees would have to install software on your laptop or computer. This software will send the documents that you need to be copied straight to your copier. 

Multi-functional Copier

Multi-functional copiers will copy but also do many other functions. For example, they will scan, print, or fax. When you go shopping you will see these copiers referred to as MFP. In most cases, the multifunctional copier will have an Internet connection already set up. This type of copier also copies quickly and can copy many papers at a time. Because of this if you have a busy office that requires a lot of copying this would be a good choice for you.

Talk with a company that specializes in copier sales to learn much more about them. This company can also go over the above information with you in much more details.