3 Awesome Ways To Market Directly To Your Target Audience

These days, bringing customers through your front doors can be tricky, especially with the spread of COVID-19. However, by marketing appropriately and doing what you can to reach customers who are likely to frequent your business, you can continue to build your business. Here are three great ways to market directly to your target audience. 

1. Provide An Email Sign-Up

Information is the hallmark of living in modern society, so how will your clients know what you have to offer if you don't send out information? Newsletters are a great direct marketing tool and can be sent out for free via email. Some businesses choose to use email servers, which quickly and efficiently compile data and send out blasts with the touch of a button. 

Consider offering an email sign-up opportunity every time a customer checks out so they have the option of opting in. You can also allow customers to sign up for email when they place an online order, creating an easy way to remind them to order online again in the future. 

2. Offer Text Coupons

If you collect phone numbers at your business, offer convenient text reminders, coupon blasts, and even information. Existing customers could hear about great sales on the morning of the first day of the sale or get convenient promo codes to celebrate things like holidays or even their birthday. 

If you send out text coupons, make sure the promo codes work and that customers can opt out easily if they end up not liking the extra information. 

3. Send Out A Catalog

Catalogs are an incredible advertising tool, allowing people to see products in their best light. By hosting formal photo shoots and working with a design team, you can create a catalog that people can have at home, analyze, and use to look for things that would work for their lifestyle. Catalogs can be sent out as frequently as you would like, whether that is every month or every year.  

Remember, if you aren't quite sure how to move forward with direct marketing, you can always work with a marketing business that specializes in direct-to-consumer products. They can talk with you about how to get things going, what to do to create buzz in your industry, and how to adjust your marketing strategy if things go stale. Go to your first meeting with your goals and questions, and be prepared to see real changes in your business.