Digital Printing Presses: 3 Things You Need To Know

Looking to have a massive amount of printing done and not sure the best way to do it? You may be interested in using a digital printing press. This can be a much better alternative to other printing methods for a variety of reasons, which is why you need to know the following 3 things. 

Digital Printing Can Be Done On Short Notice

One of the biggest advantages of using digital printing presses is that there is very little time needed before you can start printing. There is no need to make plate cylinders that can be expensive and time-consuming since you can move directly to printing your final product. This makes it a great option for short runs of publications that do not have a long lifespan or things that will be printed once and then never printed again.

Digital Printing Uses Laser Printing Presses

A laser printing press is very popular for a couple of reasons. The printers are carefully cleaned and calibrated before a print job begins, which means any changes in the artwork are done to the digital file rather than through the printing process. Standard laser digital printers can accept PDFs of each page layout, which have the color separated into four different colors.

Rather than use ink, digital printing uses a very fine powder toner that sometimes resembles a liquid. An electrostatic charge prints the color onto a drum, which rolls off onto the paper that travels under the drum. After the paper passes a few times under each drum, the image is complete.

Printed pages can be fed right back into some laser printing presses to print on the opposite side immediately. This helps ensure that no mistakes are made with the printed image being in the wrong orientation, or mixing up the order of pages.

Digital Printing Offers Larger Format Options

One of the benefits of using digital printing is that it often allows for larger formats than offset printing presses. That is because offset printing is limited by the size of the drums used to print the image. The only way to print a very large poster on an offset printing press is to stitch multiple printed pages together to make a solid image. With digital printing, the machines can be made much bigger to provide printing capability on very large images. If you are creating an incredibly large banner, you'll likely need to use digital printing to get the job done. Contact a company that provides digital printing presses for more information.