Attracting Additional Purchases With Coupon Features

That inner click you get when you spot a coupon stuck on the front of a product you're buying is a satisfying feeling. You were already planning to buy the product, and now you get to save some money, too. However, that inner click doesn't guarantee that you'll buy more of the product later on. When you use an instant redeemable coupon, or IRC, it helps to configure the coupon in such a way that people want to see what else they might be able to get if they bought more of the product with more coupons. These features can be additions that you change every month or so, or they can be features of the coupon itself that offer deals customers won't want to refuse.

Recipes With Food Coupons

Food is likely one of the easier IRC targets, as people have to buy it every few days or every week or so. Still, you want to make the process a little more attractive. If you place a folded IRC on the food package, maybe add a recipe or two to the coupon. For example, if you're placing a coupon on a box of instant rice, include a recipe for making something like Mexican rice or fast vegetable sushi. Change the recipe every month or so, or create coupons with different recipes that you'll place on the packaging for the next several months, giving people a chance to find most, if not all, of the different recipes.

Trivia Can Be Good for Kids

Products like cereal might not lend themselves well to too many recipes (plainer cereals can be used in treats and breads, but the more gimmicky cereals are meant to be eaten in cereal form), but trivia questions could be fun for kids to read. As with the recipe additions to the food coupons, create several different trivia questions that you rotate every month or so. Parents usually don't argue with giving kids extra facts to learn, and trivia is a fun way for that to happen.

Short and Sweet — and Big — Solo Coupons

Of course, sometimes you just don't have the budget for extra information — you want a coupon that is obvious and that people can use easily. In that case, go for a simple folded coupon that is just the coupon itself, but make it easy to remove, give it a far-out expiration date or no expiration, and make the coupon big in terms of area. You want people to spot the coupon immediately. Also, don't create onerous qualifications like buying two to get one free. Make it a simple coupon such as a certain amount of money off that one product immediately.

Folded instant redeemable coupons can be very helpful for both the customer and for your company. Make the coupons something that the customer looks forward to finding, and you may see a jump in sales.