How To Increase Response Rates With Direct Mail

The main challenge of every door direct mail is that the recipient of your mail is often standing over the garbage bin ready to toss your mail into the garbage reflexively. To prevent this from happening, you must be ready to grab the recipient's attention with the fewest words possible.

Carefully Design the Envelope

The first thing the recipient sees is the envelope. If he or she interprets the mail to be junk mail, it's even more likely that your mail will be thrown in the garbage. For this reason, envelopes are sometimes sent in an unmarked envelope to increase the chances that the recipient will open it. 

Another approach is to have something exciting written on the envelope. This is the most effective when you have conducted a lot of market research and know the pain points for your customers. A pain point is something that keeps your customers up at night or that is one of the biggest challenges that your employees face. 

While a large envelope might give you a lot to work with, it's important to not cram too much onto an envelope. Instead, you will want to use a lot of empty space to help draw attention to the parts of the envelope that you want to be noticed.

If you do manage to get the customer to open the envelope, make sure to have compelling copy that comes with an eye-catching headline. It must get right to the point and persuade the individual opening up the letter to read further. 

Stress the Benefits

Next, you will want to stress the benefits of the product you are selling. This is the point where you will be trying to cultivate a desire for the product. Try to help the potential customer visualize being able to use your product. A common approach is to separate benefits into bullet points so it is easy for the customer to see each bullet point.

Have a Call to Action

The most important part is the ending where you try to push for a clear call to action. At this point, there is something you'll want the recipient to do. In some cases, there is a way to contact your business, such as a phone number or website. In other cases, you may have something you'd like to have mailed out. Whatever it is, you will want the steps to be quick and easy.